2017—18 Schedule

Find below our schedule for the 2017—18 academic year.

  • September 20 - Inken von Borzyskowski (Florida State University), "Trust Us: Technical Election Assistance and Post-Election Violence."
  • October 4 - Volha Charnysh (Princeton University) and Daniel Ziblatt (Harvard University), "Past Experience with Elections and Democratic Stability: Voting in Imperial and Weimar Germany."
  • October 18 - Paul Schuler (University of Arizona) and Chad Westerland (University of Arizona), "Authoritarian Legislatures and Property Rights Protection: Revisiting the Rubber Stamp Thesis with Bayesian Qualitative Analysis."
  • November 1 - Yonatan Lupu (George Washington University) and Tiberiu Dragu (New York University), "Does Technology Undermine Authoritarian Regimes?"
  • November 15 - Anja Neundorf (University of Nottingham), Johannes Gerschewski (Humboldt University Berlin), Roman-Gabriel Olar (University of Essex), "Inclusionary and Exclusionary Autocracies: How Dictators Win the Hearts and Minds of Citizens?"
  • November 29 - Wonjun Song (Pennsylvania State University), "Personalized Security Forces and Coups."