2016—17 Schedule

Find below our schedule for the 2016—17 academic year.

Spring 2017
  • VWAR 5 (January 25)Junyan Jiang (University of Pennsylvania), "Patronage Networks, Performance Incentives, and Economic Development in China"
  • VWAR 6 (February 1)David Szakonyi (George Washington University), "Princelings and Political Rents"
  • VWAR 7 (February 15)Barbara Maria Piotrowska (University of Rochester), "The Price of Cooperation: How Authoritarian States Retain Control"
    • Discussants: Christopher Sullivan (Louisiana State University), Henry Thomson (University of Arizona)
  • VWAR 8 (March 8)Ji Yeon Hong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Yuhua Wang (Harvard University), "Selecting Better Autocrats"
  • VWAR 9 (March 29)Jennifer Pan (Stanford University) and Tongtong Zhang (Stanford University), "The Economic Consequences of Symbolic Politics: An Experimental Study of the Value of Ideological Loyalty in China’s Labor Market"
  • VWAR 10 (April 19)Blake Miller (University of Michigan), "The 50 Cent Party and Social Media Surveillance: Authoritarian Learning from 'Public Opinion Emergencies'"