2018—19 Schedule

Find below our schedule for the 2018—19 academic year.

  • VWAR 23 (September 05) - Courtney Hillebrecht (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), "Retreating from Justice: Explaining State Withdrawal from International Human Rights Tribunals."
  • VWAR 24 (September 12) - Daniela Donno (University of Pittsburgh), Sara Fox (University of Pittsburgh), and Joshua I. Kaasik , "Compliance or Camouflage? International Incentives for Women’s Rights in Dictatorships."
  • VWAR 25 (September 19) - Konstantin Ash (University of Central Florida), "Take Our Democracy – Please! Explaining Participation in Protests Calling for Military Takeover."
  • VWAR 26 (September 26) - Maxim Ananyev (University of California, Los Angeles), and Michael Poyker (University of California, Los Angeles), "Information Acquisition and Projecting Invincibility in Authoritarian Elections."
  • VWAR 27 (October 17) - Milena Ang (University of Chicago), Genevieve Bates (University of Chicago), and Monika Nalepa (University of Chicago), "Identifying the Effect of Personnel Transitional Justice on the Quality of Democratic Representation."