Past Participants

2020—21 (Year 5)

  • VWAR 44 (September 16) - Lana Bilalova (London School of Economics), "Warfare Agenda-setting on Russian Television, 2009 - 2019."
    • Discussants: Brett Carter (University of Southern California), Kelly Matush (Florida State University), Michael Rochlitz (University of Bremen)
  • VWAR 45 (September 30) - Pearce Edwards (Emory University), "Religious Institutions and Resistance to Repression: The Bishops Opposed to Argentina’s Dirty War."
  • VWAR 46 (October 7) - Daniel L. Tavana (Princeton University) and Erin York (Havard Kennedy School), "Measuring Legislative Opposition in an Authoritarian Regime."
  • VWAR 47 (October 14) - Jiarui Cao (Central University of Finance and Economics), Yiqing Xu (Stanford University), and Chuanchuan Zhang (Zhejiang University), "Clans and Calamity: How Social Capital Saved Lives during China’s Great Famine."
  • VWAR 48 (October 28) - Eddy Malesky (Duke University), Jason Douglas Todd (Duke Kunshan University), and Ahn Tran (Indiana University), "Testing Mechanisms of Legislator Responsiveness in Single-Party Regimes: A Follow-up Experiment in the Vietnamese National Assembly."
  • VWAR 49 (November 18) - Evgeny Finkel (Johns Hopkins University) and David Szakonyi (George Washington University), "Flying with the Stars: Performance, Loyalty, and Promotion in the Soviet Air Force during WWII."
  • VWAR 50 (January 27) - Nils Weidmann (University of Konstanz), "Human Judgement in the Coding of Cross-national Indicators"
  • VWAR 51 (February 3) - Lynette Ong (University of Toronto), Xiaobo Lü (University of Texas at Austin), and Wenhui Yang (University of Texas at Austin), "Land Taking, Windfall Revenue, and Social Unrest: Evidence from China."
  • VWAR 52 (February 10) - Don Grasse (Emory University), "Developmental Legacy of Mass Repression: Evidence from the Khmer Rouge."
  • VWAR 53 (February 24) - Dimitar Gueorguiev (Syracuse University), "Counting the Costs of Academic Censorship."
  • VWAR 54 (March 10) - Brett Carter (University of Southern California) and Erin Baggott Carter (University of Southern California), "How does Religion Shape Political Dissent in Autocracies?"
  • VWAR 55 (March 24) - Sarah Bush (Yale University), Daniela Donno (University of Cyprus), and Pär Zetterberg (Uppsula University), "Rewarding Women's Rights in Dictatorships."

2019—20 (Year 4)

2018—19 (Year 3)

  • VWAR 24 (September 12) - Daniela Donno (University of Pittsburgh), Sara Fox (University of Pittsburgh), and Joshua I. Kaasik , "Compliance or Camouflage? International Incentives for Women’s Rights in Dictatorships."
  • VWAR 25 (September 19) - Konstantin Ash (University of Central Florida), "Take Our Democracy – Please! Explaining Participation in Protests Calling for Military Takeover."
  • VWAR 26 (September 26) - Maxim Ananyev (University of California, Los Angeles), and Michael Poyker (University of California, Los Angeles), "Information Acquisition and Projecting Invincibility in Authoritarian Elections."
  • VWAR 27 (October 17) - Milena Ang (University of Chicago), Genevieve Bates (University of Chicago), and Monika Nalepa (University of Chicago), "Identifying the Effect of Personnel Transitional Justice on the Quality of Democratic Representation."
  • VWAR 28 (January 30) - Jennifer Pan (Stanford University) and Alexandra A. Siegel (Stanford University), "Physical Repression and Online Dissent: Evidence from Saudi Arabia."
  • VWAR 29 (February 13) - Anton Sobolev (University of California, Los Angeles), "How Pro-Government 'Trolls' Influence Online Conversations in Russia."
  • VWAR 30 (February 27) - Vilde Lunnan Djuve (Aarhus University), Carl Henrik Knutsen (University of Oslo), and Tore Wig (University of Oslo), "Patterns of Regime Breakdown since the French Revolution."
  • VWAR 31 (March 13) - Ling Chen (Johns Hopkins SAIS) and Hao Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), "The Political Incentives of Strategic Taxation in China: Evidence from Cities and Firms."
  • VWAR 32 (April 10) - Killian Clarke (Princeton University), "On the Origins and Success of Counterrevolutions, 1900-2015."
  • VWAR 33 (April 24) - Junyan Jiang (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Zijie Shao (Sun Yat-Sen University), and Zhiyuan Zhang (Chinese University of Hong Kong), "The Price of Probity: Anti-Corruption and Adverse Selection in the Chinese Bureaucracy."

2017—18 (Year 2)

2016—17 (Year 1)