Past Participants

2018—19 (Year 3)

  • VWAR 24 (September 12) - Daniela Donno (University of Pittsburgh), Sara Fox (University of Pittsburgh), and Joshua I. Kaasik , "Compliance or Camouflage? International Incentives for Women’s Rights in Dictatorships."
  • VWAR 25 (September 19) - Konstantin Ash (University of Central Florida), "Take Our Democracy – Please! Explaining Participation in Protests Calling for Military Takeover."
  • VWAR 26 (September 26) - Maxim Ananyev (University of California, Los Angeles), and Michael Poyker (University of California, Los Angeles), "Information Acquisition and Projecting Invincibility in Authoritarian Elections."
  • VWAR 27 (October 17) - Milena Ang (University of Chicago), Genevieve Bates (University of Chicago), and Monika Nalepa (University of Chicago), "Identifying the Effect of Personnel Transitional Justice on the Quality of Democratic Representation."

2017—18 (Year 2)

2016—17 (Year 1)